addiction is a disease, not a choice

Addiction is a Disease, Not a Choice

Introduction: Addiction is a Disease

Why do so many people with substance abuse disorders suffer in silence? Until recently, addiction was viewed as a moral failing and the stigma it created created obstacles to accessing treatment and shifting public opinion. But, thanks to new scientific research, attitudes have begun to change, and it is now widely accepted that addiction is a disease. It is a complex, chronic brain disease. Breaking barriers to treatment of addiction requires redefining addiction as a medical condition, replacing judgment with understanding and compassion, and providing improved access to evidence-based treatment.

porn addiction

Porn Addiction: Causes and Treatment

Introduction to Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is the excessive view of pornographic material, either physical or online, in order to the point of having an influnece on other aspects of the individual’s life. It is a serious affliction which needs to be addrresed as soon as possible. The causes of this addiction are wide-ranging, and can include biological, psychological, and environmental causes. The effects can be extremely damaging, including mental health issues, physical health issues, and a disruption of one’s profession and personal relationships. Fortunately, there are various treatment options which have proven to be effective in the combat against this type of addiction.