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What is Metaphysical Humanism?

Metaphysical Humanism is the philosophy that man is responsible for his own condition and outcome in life. He or she is free to be, think and create independently of the creator of the universe.

While most religions put forth the belief that man is controlled by his creator like a puppet; that realm of thought invalidates the intellect of the creator in my opinion.

I was raised in a Christian family and have always had the understanding that God created man in his own image, that God is a spiritual being, and that he only creates perfection.

This being true, why would God create anything that he constantly had to monitor and control? Why would he give man the ability to think and create if he wanted something to control? This would defy logic, and our creator is anything but illogical.

The only way we learn is by colliding head on with a problem, and then learning a lesson through its resolution. You’ve heard the saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. We are meant to learn from EVERY experience, good or bad.

Metaphysical Humanistic Science attempts to help people understand this concept while providing solutions on how to successfully live in, and take care of the world that our creator gave us.

Metaphysics literally means “beyond physics”. It is anything that can neither be proven nor disproven by physical science. This takes into account all religion, life after death, spirituality, or anything else that has no scientific explanation. It does not invalidate God or any other religious belief. In fact, one of the goals of metaphysics is to give even more understanding in the areas of religion, ethics, morality, and spirituality.