Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

It can be difficult to bring calm and peace into our lives – but it’s not impossible. Meditation is the answer. It has been around for centuries and helps us to unlock the power of mindfulness, enabling us to become calmer, more peaceful, and content. In this article, we’ll guide you through 7 simple steps to unlock your inner calm through meditation.

Unearth the Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation provides us with a wide range of benefits. Through regular practice, we can learn to reduce stress and drama in our lives, promoting a sense of calm. Meditation can also act as a shield against anxiety and depression, helping us to stay level-headed in challenging situations. Our mental wellbeing is prioritized, but it can also increase focus, mindfulness, and help to aid better sleep.

Mental Health

Allowing us to stay rooted in the present (mindfulness), meditation has profound effects on our mental health. It brings an intense level of self-awareness, enabling us to process and resolve our feelings more effectively. Working on emotional resilience and self-care, it allows us to get to the root causes of pain, allowing us to heal more quickly.

Increased Focus

As we hone our ability to stay focused in the present, we become less easily distracted and can concentrate our mental energy more effectively. Mindfulness Meditation has positive effects on our concentration, enabling us to focus intently on a task and pick up on the finer details.

Lower Stress

Practising mindfulness through meditation helps us to become more adept at managing and reducing stress in difficult situations. By learning how to pause and observe our emotions before reacting, we can manage our responses more positively and productively.

Better Sleep

Our meditation practice can also cause us to become sleepy – but in a good way! Fostering a sense of deep calm and relaxation, meditation helps us to fall asleep more naturally and easily, better enabling us to make the most of our sleep time.

Discover the Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the foundation on which our meditation practice is built. It’s about remaining firmly and fully in the present moment, without judgment or criticism. Through mindfulness, we can embrace our thoughts and feelings without being held hostage, no longer subjugated to our thoughts and emotions. Instead, we can observe them objectively and remain unattached.


Mindfulness helps us to nurture non-attachment, encouraging us to create distance between our thoughts and emotions. We begin to understand that we are not our thoughts, our emotions, or anything else – we are simply an observer of them.


Mindfulness also helps us to become more objective when looking at the thoughts in our minds and the emotions in our bodies. We can begin to detach from them, ensuring they no longer overpower us, instead allowing us to process them in a healthy way.


Mindfulness doesn’t allow us to ignore our thoughts and emotions, it teaches us to embrace them. In doing so, we can gain clarity of thought and become more emotionally empowered. Learning how to stop and observe our thoughts, we can remain aware of how we feel and respond in the most constructive way.

Unlock Your Inner Calm and Mindfulness in 7 Simple Steps

Now, let’s guide you through 7 simple steps to discover your inner peace and calm through mindfulness meditation.

1. Find a Quiet Space

Choose a peaceful, quiet spot in your home or garden where you can sit, either on the ground or in a comfortable chair. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for you; a cup of herbal tea may also help you to relax.

2. Get Comfortable

Choose a comfortable position; sit in a way that feels natural for you. If it helps, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out.

3. Let the Thoughts Pass

You may have thoughts and emotions which arise during your practice. It’s normal – simply acknowledge them, appreciate them, and carry on. Allow them to pass through your mind like a train.

4. Observe Your Body

Start to observe your body; its temperature, sensations, and movements. Spend a few moments practicing body awareness, then move onto the breath.

5. Follow the Breath

Pay attention to your breath and any sensations that come with that. Notice your inhales and exhales. Stay here for a few moments and observe.

6. Consider a Mantra

It can be useful to give your mind something to focus on. Consider a mantra or phrase – something which makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Repeat it to help you to stay focused and grounded in the present moment. This is mindfulness in action.

7. Finish Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice

When you’re ready, take a few deep inhales and exhales. Then, slowly begin to move your upper body. Take time to feel calm and settled before you open your eyes, and move into the rest of your day.

Reap the Rewards of a Calmer Mind

The benefits of regular meditation practice shouldn’t be underestimated. By committing to daily practice and following these 7 simple steps, you can cultivate peace, joy, and harmony in your life, while also greatly improving your mental well-being and mindfulness.

Less Stress, More Clarity with Minfulness Meditation

With regular practice, it is not only possible to reduce our levels of stress, but to gain clarity and insight into the root causes of our emotions and how to process them. Not to mention how empowering it is to be able to detach from our thoughts, allowing us to better apply ourselves to the matter in hand.

Improved Focus & Mental Performance

We can also expect to see a marked improvement in our concentration levels through mindfulness meditation, helping us to focus on a task for longer. Our memory also will become sharper, enabling us to remember information and recall it when needed.

Better Quality Sleep through Mindfulness Meditation

Finally, mindfulness practice can be a great ally in the battle for better quality sleep. Through meditation, we can enter deeper relaxation states, allowing us to drift off to sleep more easily.


Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful practice which can help us to unearth our inner calm and restore balance to our lives. Through meditation, we can become more connected with the present moment, gaining insight into our thoughts and emotions. By following the 7 steps we have outlined here, you can unlock your inner calm and start to experience the amazing rewards.