divorce impact on kids

Divorce Impact on Kids: Why Counseling is Vital

Introduction: Divorce and Children

Divorce can be a stressful and complicated process, not only for the two individuals separating but also for their children. This can leave children feeling confused, overwhelmed and isolated, leaving them exposed to feelings of deep sadness, anger and distress. The transition affects every part of their lives, including their psychosocial development and their academic performance in school. Therefore, it is vital that the necessary resources and services are put in place to help them cope. This is why counselling services for children impacted by divorce are crucial.

phone and zoom therapies

Phone and Zoom Therapies: Very Effective

The Power of Phone and Zoom Therapies

The global Covid pandemic has acted as a catalyst to fast-track new technology-enabled therapies. Phone and Zoom therapies have made mental health services more accessible, affordable, and private. The power of phone and Zoom therapies has revolutionized the field of mental health care, and the benefits of virtual therapeutic appointments have been remarkable. This article will explore the benefits of virtual therapeutic appointments, how to leverage phone and Zoom for mental health, navigating therapy during social distancing, revolutionary technologies enhancing wellbeing, and unlocking the true potential of virtual therapy.

solution focused therapy

What Is Solution Focused Therapy?

Introduction to Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) is an evidence-based form of talk therapy that is designed to help individuals and couples identify and work towards concrete goals. It is a solution-focused, rather than problem-focused, form of therapy that centers on creating change and developing sustainable, positive, and measurable outcomes. The therapy can help people identify their strengths, acknowledge their successes, develop strategies to tackle difficult problems, and collaborate to create a plan that will meet the goals they want to achieve.