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Danielle Camerer

Dr. Danko used hypnosis to help me quit smoking. I was having a procedure done at Riverbend at the time and Dr. Danko suggested we take care of the smoking cessation at the same time since I was going to be in the hospital for a couple days. I went under hypnosis and that was two and a half years ago. I have not smoked since. No urges either. Very happy customer as well as very surprised it seemed so effortless. Thank you Dr. Danko!

John G Holland

Gary is a pleasure to work with, and it is very evident he cares about the people he’s helping. He makes himself available when you need him. I had a strong desire to quit smoking for a long time, and always hit a wall. Gary put the tools in my hands to overcome my cigarette addiction after just our first meeting. Subsequent follow ups only reinforced the work I had put in. I went from nearly a pack a day to zero the day after our first appointment and haven’t looked back. Thanks for your help!

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