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Metaphysics: What is a Metaphysician?

Metaphysics: What is a Metaphysician?


What is a Metaphysician?

Metaphysics is a very commonly misunderstood field, so I figured I’d take a few minutes to clarify what us Metaphysicians do.

First of all, Metaphysics studies the cause of things. Whereas the field of Physics studies the “provable” characteristics of matter and energy such as gravity, etc.; Metaphysics takes on the subjects that are neither provable, nor disprovable. Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Meditation & Hypnotherapy?

What is the Difference Between Meditation & Hypnotherapy?

Meditation -vs- Hypnotherapy

Many people from all walks of life either meditate, or try hypnotherapy as a means of improving areas of their lives, however, very few of them truly understand either or these modalities, or the state they are striving for.

Having an understanding of this process, and of the process of Hypnotherapy, can profoundly affect your ability to get the results you seek.

I’ve often run into clients who have tried meditation (especially guided meditation) who’ve had limited results, or even no results.   Continue Reading

Self Esteem & The Life Leadership Paragon

Self Esteem & The Life Leadership Paragon™

Quantum Life Repair - Self Esteem

The “Life Leadership Paragon” focuses on three key areas of your life which lead to self completeness. These include self esteem, self responsibility, and respect for free will.

Just think about that for a minute…

What if there were just THREE areas of your life that you needed to focus on to be successful, and to achieve self completeness?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have NOTHING weighing you down? To have complete control and confidence over every part of your life? Continue Reading

Quantum Life Repair…What Is It?

Quantum Life Repair… What Is It?

Quantum Life Repair

Quantum Life Repair utilizes a combination of creative imagery, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and spiritual life coaching. This means it can help you reorganize your core beliefs, and put you more at cause over your life.

Anything “quantum” happens at the least physical level, or subatomic level. Quantum Physics deals with the study and manipulation of the smallest particles of energy. Continue Reading